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October 17, 2018

Tejon Ranch Believes in an Ethic of Stewardship

Tejon Ranch is a California landmark, a land of legacy – bigger than life, rich in history, blessed by nature. 175 years after it was founded as a Mexican land grant, Tejon Ranch still has vast stretches of land that remain in their natural state, a product of Tejon Ranch’s ethic of stewardship.

Much of what people see and experience today on Tejon Ranch is what they would have seen hundreds of years ago. This is due to the fact that Tejon Ranch has been intentionally well cared for.  And today, it’s also protected by California’s largest and most significant private conservation agreement.

That same stewardship ethic is also a part of all of our operations, from agriculture to real estate development.

We are building on that legacy for the next generation by creating jobs and new communities while still preserving 90% of our pristine land.

To learn more the ranch’s stewardship ethic, listen as Barry Zoeller and Mike Campeau take a look inside the culture of stewardship that permeates every aspect of Tejon, its programs and future development.