A man-made stream to assist in water conservation

Natural Resources

A shared bounty
Resources to help meet our
21st century needs

The rich natural resources of Tejon Ranch, and its location at the geographic and population center of California, provide a variety of other opportunities to benefit both California and the company, beyond traditional ranching and farming operations.

These include leases with operators for the exploration and production of oil and gas on the ranch, as well as aggregate and limestone mining operations. For example, National Cement produces more than 23 million cubic yards of cement from its limestone mining lease on the ranch, enough to pave 2,300 miles of roads or build foundations for thousands of hospitals, schools and homes. The California Aqueduct also transects the ranch, serving as both a source and a delivery system for our abundant water resources.

Our extensive water assets are sufficient for current and future needs related to the build-out of our various real estate developments. But until then, we’re able to sell temporary right-of-use to help others’ water needs, which vary due to California’s wet-dry weather cycles and other factors.

Tejon Ranch is also home to natural gas-powered and renewable energy production. The 750-megawatt Pastoria Energy Center, a clean-burning natural gas power plant owned and operated by Calpine Corp., produces enough electricity to power 750,000 homes.

Calpine, taking advantage of the ranch’s wide-open spaces and abundant sunshine, has also developed plans for an industrial-scale solar facility on land adjacent to the power plant. However, that would not be the first large-scale use of solar on the ranch. A parking structure at the Outlets at Tejon is covered with solar panels and IKEA’s distribution facility at TRCC features one of the largest arrays of roof-top photovoltaic solar panels in the state.

In addition, Tejon Ranch provides major easements to meet California’s current and future energy and telecommunication needs. Key pipelines, electrical transmission lines, fiber optic cable and other telecommunications infrastructure also cross the ranch.