Introducing the
A new way to live in California

How about adding a little unspoiled nature to your day? That’s the idea behind opening up the gates of Tejon Ranch. Providing our fellow Californians not only with much needed housing and employment, but a way of life like no other. Surrounded by the respite and adventure of explorable wild spaces, and the rhythms of a historic working ranch. With Los Angeles as our neighbor, and vibrant community centers of our own, Tejon Ranch will provide the one-of-a-kind opportunity to have and get away from it all.

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Tejon Ranch Commerce Center

Thanks to careful planning and proximity to major highways and airports, the Tejon Ranch Commerce Center has enjoyed exceptional growth. Six million square feet of industrial and retail real estate is already developed. This includes distribution centers for IKEA, Caterpillar and other high-profile brands, as well as fashion, accessory and home goods shopping at the Outlets at Tejon. Plans are underway to build multi-family residences, giving people walkable access to employment, upscale shopping and nearby nature.

A winding road navigating through the hills at Tejon Ranch

Mountain Village

Mountain Village is envisioned as a rare retreat from the city, situated in one of the most awe-inspiring areas within the Ranch. This conservation-based community is designed to live in harmony with nature. Homes will feel organic to the landscape, surrounded by spacious open lands. It’s a place designed for healthy, active living with gathering places inspired by shared passions — equestrian, fitness, culinary, outdoor adventure and the arts.

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Photo of a family enjoying some quality time around a fire pit


Located at the base of the foothills in the San Joaquin Valley portion of the Ranch, Grapevine is envisioned as a community of close-knit neighborhoods inspired by the region’s rich agricultural heritage. We’re planning Grapevine to be a complete community with homes, commercial and civic uses, educational and medical services. And even its own employment opportunities, in addition to those at the adjacent Tejon Ranch Commerce Center.

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Mom and her little one taking a walk on a trail in Tejon Ranch


Wrapping around neighborhood “village centers,” Centennial is planned to offer a wide variety of housing options. It’s designed to be a sustainable community that conserves water and energy, maximizes open space, de-emphasizes the automobile, and encourages walking and biking with extensive parks, greenbelts and hiking trails. Significant commercial development is planned to provide jobs and allow people to work in their own community.