On Monday, September 9, Kern County, the city of Bakersfield, and local business partners revealed new brands as part of an integrated effort to spur economic development, tourism and talent attraction in Kern County and Greater Bakersfield.

This is an effort that we strongly support and the end result—focusing on the better and boundless opportunities in Kern County—speak to the boundless opportunities at Tejon Ranch. We aspire to establish the highest corporate standards in all of our operations, guided by our core values of quality, environmental stewardship, and visionary innovation.

Bakersfield and Kern County—and Tejon Ranch— have a great story, a rich history, abundant natural resources, unique cultural gems and welcoming, authentic people. Here are some of the ways we are a strong part of the community and offer opportunities for organizations and individuals alike.

These are just a few examples of how we are embedded into this wonderful community. We’re excited about the new brands, the new look, the energy and the possibilities they bring to all of us. Tejon Ranch is proud to call Kern County home. Let’s get to work!