Come visit and wander with us this winter!

Don’t let winter slow you down and prevent you from visiting Tejon Ranch. In fact, we encourage you to visit us during the winter. If you belong to our Explorer Membership you can access our thousands of acres of stunning hills and valleys—all changing for the upcoming winter. Before you visit, check out how to prepare and what sights you’ll be able to see this winter, written by our own Mike Campeau.

There’s a chill in the air. Yes, it will be colder, but only on some days. This being California, most of the winter days at Tejon Ranch tend to range in the high 60s to low 70s (try explaining that one to your east coast relatives). Tejon Ranch is located in what I call the “Bermuda Triangle” of weather. We are located at the convergence of the Sierra Nevada mountain, the Mojave Desert and the California coast—and the weather can change here in a heartbeat because of that.

Be prepared for any kind of weather. Dress in layers. And, since our weather can change—it might be warm in the morning, but by afternoon it could be raining—dress so you can strip down or add clothing. If you’re out and about and it starts to rain and get swampy, cut your hike short and get back to base.

Take in the changing landscape. California is often accused of not having four seasons. That’s not the case here at Tejon Ranch. As winter approaches (and  rains come—at least during previous seasons) the foliage falls off the tress, the grassy hills and valleys turn bright green, and the sun is out and bright. This is the perfect combination for a hike or our popular trail rides with your favorite horse, or one of ours.

Our wildlife changes, too. The animals at Tejon Ranch tend to congregate this time of the year. For instance, our elk gather in large “bachelor” groups, providing more presence for guests and more opportunities to take pictures of them and other animals on the Ranch.

Enjoy our snow. Tejon Ranch is never going to be a major skiing destination but we do provide some fun snowy activities (when we have snow). Many visitors have used snow discs for gentle, family friendly snow sledding, built snowmen, and used our beautiful snowy hills and valleys to take some amazing winter photographs.

We hope you visit us this winter. Remember, dress appropriately, be prepared, bring a camera (it’s hard to believe we’re only 90 minutes from Southern California) to take some spectacular winter photos, and most importantly, have fun and get outside.

For more information on joining our Explorer Membership and getting access to the ranch to hike (as well as biking, camping, photography and other fun activities) contact Christine Hollis at (661) 663-4284 or

Pro tips from Mike Campeau. Mike Campeau has been associated with Tejon Ranch for over 40 years in various outdoor programs.

Mike Campeau

Hiking Tejon Ranch is a great way to get exercise, get outside, and explore all that we have to offer. If you belong to our Explorer Membership you’ll have access to thousands of acres of our stunning hills and valleys, from sunrise to sunset. But, before you lace up your shoes boots and put on a backpack and come hiking, we have some tips to make your hike fun and engaging.

  1. Prepare for the elements. Tejon Ranch can be chilly in the morning then blazing hot during the day, or sunny one moment and rainy the next. Bring extra water, food, and a hydration system. Wear boots with strong ankle support to handle the different trails at Tejon Ranch. We have wildlife trails, cattle trails, and meandering dirt roads or jeep trails each with their own varying degree of walkability. A walking stick might be helpful as well.
  2. Bring a headlight and first-aid kit. Just in case you get injured or get stuck out on the trails after the sun goes down, each of these will come in handy. (Remember, there’s no overnight camping on the Ranch – you’ll need to get back to your campsite anyhow.)
  3. Bring a GPS unit or SPOT device. Cell service can be limited in certain areas of the Ranch so bring a device that works without cell service. SPOT tracking provides a GPS trail of your route so you can be tracked if you get lost. Remember, we’re an actual working ranch and we have more than 25,000 acres to explore. We encourage wandering but not getting lost.
  4. Bring your smartphone or digital camera. Even without cell service you can still use your phone’s camera. And trust us, you’ll need it. From rugged mountains, steep canyons, oak-covered rolling hills, and broad valleys, to an assortment of wildlife, there’s a lot to take in and capture with a camera.
  5. Hike in the morning or late afternoon. These are the best times when the Tejon Ranch resident wildlife really put on a show. You might see California mule deer, black bear, Rocky Mountain Elk, and red-tail hawks soaring through the sky. It’s breathtaking to see a golden eagle get swept up in the wind currents. And as the sun goes down, stargazing at the Ranch is out of this world.

Tejon Ranch offers beginner and seasoned hikers an amazing backdrop to explore our legacy and heritage. We want to stress that you should be prepared before coming out and visiting us. Dress right, bring food and water and bug spray, sunscreen and a hat. But most of all? Have a great time exploring!

For more information on joining our Explorer Membership and getting access to the ranch to hike (as well as biking, camping, photography and other fun activities) contact Christine Hollis at (661) 663-4284 or





This podcast offers an in-depth conversation with Mike Campeau, Vice President of Ranch Operations, and Barry Zoeller, VP of Communications about the newly offered Explorer Membership at Tejon Ranch.

The Explorer Membership offers exclusive, never-before-been-offered, membership access to Tejon Ranch. Previously, the only way gain entry inside the gates of the ranch was via special events and hunting memberships.  This historic membership grants access to the diverse and beautiful Tejon landscapes that were unavailable until now.

Listen and learn more about the membership. Be among the first to come inside our gates and experience this California treasure.


Details of the 2017 Explorer Membership