You’re probably familiar with Taco Bell, Mountain Dew, EDS (and their famous herding cats commercial), Kia and Coke, but did you know they all have one thing in common? They’ve all produced and shot Super Bowl commercials here at Tejon Ranch.

And now, Tejon Ranch can add Budweiser to the mix. The ad, “Wind Never Felt Better,” rated one of the favorites of the evening, did an amazing job of tapping into emotions (amber waves of grain) and nostalgia (Bob Dylan’s classic song with the famous Clydesdales). Tejon Ranch’s natural beauty was the perfect backdrop to help the brewer get their powerful message seen and heard in a crowded field of other commercials.

There’s a reason big brands like Budweiser shoot their ads here, too. Tejon Ranch’s 270,000 acres offers the film industry some of the most diverse and beautiful locations found anywhere in the United States.

Film, television and advertising producers and directors in need of specific locations for filming or photography have used Tejon Ranch and its wide variety of environments. The land often doubles for the African savannah, European countryside, Midwest landscapes, rugged mountains, sweeping valleys, wildflower fields, vineyards, and other far-away places.

If you missed previous ads, here’s Taco Bell’s Lions, Mountain Dew’s Bad Cheetah, EDS’ classic Herding Cats, Coke’s Sleepwalking, and Kia’s commercial from 2017 starring Melissa McCarthy.

What’s in store for next year? Hopefully a better game for LA football fans and another stellar ad shot at Tejon Ranch.