Tejon Ranch’s history is rooted in agriculture and it’s a core part of who we are today.  In this episode of the Tejon Ranch Podcast, Barry Zoeller, VP of Corporate Communications, speaks with Dennis Atkinson, Sr. VP of Agriculture and Water Resources, about agriculture and what it means to Tejon Ranch.

Nobody knows the farming legacy of Tejon better than Dennis. In 1974, Dennis graduated college at Cal Poly SLO on a Saturday and started to work at Tejon the following Monday.  He’s been working the land, so to speak, ever since. 

This podcast is filled with great stories about Tejon’s partnerships with storied wine makers such as Robert Mondavi and Julio Gallo, the generations that have grown up here and made our AG program what it is, and how future real estate developments will be centered around agriculture. Town centers will have farmer’s markets and community farms will be in place so people can have a much-desired connection to their food source.

This is a wonderful look at a significant part of the Tejon Ranch legacy and a great way to get to know the people who are shepherding our legacy into the future.