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April 17, 2006

FMHS Robotics Club Competition Funded – (Mountain Star)

Dr. Kenneth Hurst with students Caitlin Kennedy, Asa Hurst and Ryan Dixon from the FMHS Robotics Club received three checks Friday night at the football game. Barry Zoeller of Tejon Ranch presented the first check for $5,000. A second check for $5,000 came from HR Textron. ISA – South San Joaquin Section made a third contribution for $1,500. “This is a very good sign for the Robotics Team,” Kennedy said. It’s more than a sign; it’s the result of winning Best Design at the regional competition in Los Angeles for USA First Robotics. Those movable metal robots are not cheap. Materials and metal have to be purchased and machined to specifications and not until then is the main structure and frame ready to construct. That’s just the body.

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