Just down the road,
beyond imagination

Hiking up our hillsides, looking up at the Milky Way, you’ll never know LA is just an hour or so away. (A city we could just about fit inside our fence line.) Tejon Ranch is the largest expanse of private land in California. It’s a working ranch, raising cattle and crops. But mostly, our mountains, valleys, canyons and high desert country — yes, it’s that big — lie untouched. And as we open our gates to thoughtful development, we’ll keep most of it exactly as it is. Forever.

Whether we’re growing food or communities, we consider our work stewardship. Land first has been the Tejon Ranch approach since 1843, and it’s not going anywhere. That’s our promise to you. And the generations of stargazers to come.

Topographic map of california, illustrating Tejon Ranch's close proximity to Los Angeles and Bakersville in Southern California

Undiscovered California,
closer than you think

Surprise — Southern California’s last great frontier is just off the I-5. (And just under the radar of most who drive by.) Between our peaks and canyons, poppies and Joshua trees, and all the roaming elk, wild turkey and black bear, Tejon Ranch may feel like a remote hideaway. But the truth is, we’re just an hour or so north of Los Angeles and 4.5 hours south of San Francisco. Bakersfield is just 30 minutes away.

Muddy work boots lined up on the front porch and a young boy wearing his cowboy hat proudly

A healthy work-land balance

The work of Tejon Ranch is guided by a respectful give and take between the needs of land, animals and people. Proudly we continue our ranching traditions, which include cattle grazing, equestrian boarding and events, and the farming of wine grapes, almonds and pistachios. We allow limited hunting experiences on the Ranch to help manage our abundant wildlife populations. And invite fellow explorers to discover their own sense of balance on hundreds of miles of trails, by horse or on their own two feet.

A couple taking a moment to relax in a grassy meadow

Good for nature,
good for people

As we begin providing California with critically needed housing, we’ll stay true to our long history of conservation. We’ve agreed, voluntarily, to develop only a fraction of the Ranch. Hundreds of square miles of open land will stay as nature made it, full of trees and other vegetation that store 3.3 million tons of carbon.

“Tejon Ranch Company is committed to being a good steward. Every use of this remarkable land is carefully considered as to how it will benefit conservation, the people of California, and our shareholders.” Gregory S. Bielli President & CEO, Tejon Ranch Company

Let’s partner up

If you’d like to help build a sustainable future for California, please join us. (And be inspired by some of nature’s very best projects of her own.) We welcome commercial, civic, educational, residential, recreational and hospitality partners who share the Tejon Ranch Company values. Land first, protecting the land while adding to Californians’ quality of life. Do it right, with quality that stands the test of time. And be true, envisioning a future that stays authentic to the Tejon Ranch heritage.