Natural Resources

The rich natural resources of Tejon Ranch, as well as its location along the major north-south transportation corridor in California, Interstate 5, provide a variety of other opportunities beyond the traditional ranching and farming operations.

Those opportunities include leases with operators for exploration and production of oil and gas on the Ranch, as well as aggregate and limestone mining operations. For example, National Cement produces more than 23 million cubic yards of cement each year on the property it leases from the Ranch, enough to pave 2,300 miles of roads or build foundations for thousands of hospitals, schools and homes.

The Ranch is also home to natural gas and renewable energy production.  The 750-megawatt Pastoria Energy Center, for example, a clean-burning natural gas power plant owned and operated by Calpine Corp., produces enough electricity to power 750,000 homes.  The Ranch’s wide open spaces and abundant sunshine make it a natural for the generation of solar power.  Tejon is currently in discussions regarding the placement of large-scale solar facilities on its property. However, that would not be the first use of solar on the Ranch. IKEA’s distribution center at theTejon Ranch Commerce Center features the second largest roof-top array of photovoltaic solar panels in California.

In addition, Tejon Ranch also provides major easements to meet California’s current and future energy and telecommunications needs.  Key pipelines, fiber optic cable and other communication transmission infrastructure for Southern California Gas, Southern California Edison, MCI, AT&T, Quest, SBC, and all major cellular carriers, cross the Ranch.