Tejon Ranch is a California treasure, a beautiful tapestry of rugged mountains, steep canyons, oak covered rolling hills, and broad valleys.  Those who traverse the land marvel at its pristine condition.

But Tejon Ranch’s remarkable condition is not the result of it being untouched, it’s because it’s been intentionally well cared for.  For Tejon Ranch, the principles of conservation and good stewardship are historic core values of the Company.


That legacy of stewardship continues today, and was on full display on May 8, 2008, when the Ranch and nation’s largest and most respected environmental resource organizations announced the Tejon Ranch Conservation and Land Use Agreement, an agreement that will result in the permanent conservation of up to 90% of the Ranch’s land.

Such conservation also produces concrete benefits for the climate, specifically through the reduction of greenhouse gasses.  By conserving 246,000 acres of land covered by trees and other vegetation, Tejon Ranch sequesters 3.3 million tons of carbon.  That’s the equivalent of taking 2.5 million passenger vehicles, ten percent of California’s total passenger fleet, off the road for one year.

The agreement also led to the creation of the independent Tejon Ranch Conservancy, whose mission is to protect, enhance and restore the native biodiversity and ecosystem values of the Tejon Ranch and Tehachapi Range for the benefit of California’s future generations.

From establishing huge conservation areas, enacting a habitat conservation plan to protect a wide variety of plant and animal species, to using the latest environmentally sensitive practices in our ranching, farming, and real estate operations… Tejon Ranch is committed to conservation.