Corporate Philanthropy

From the beginning, Tejon Ranch and the neighboring communities north and south have enjoyed a close relationship and shared a common history. Being a good neighbor and contributing to the community are part of the legacy that started with the Gen. Edward Fitzgerald Beale family, founders of the Ranch as we know it today.

Among the more visible legacies that exist today are Beale Library, the first public library in Kern County, and Truxtun Avenue in Bakersfield, named after the General’s only son.

The original Beale Memorial Library was dedicated in 1900 as a gift from Mrs. Mary E. Beale and her son Truxtun in memory of their late husband and father. The library survived until 1952 when an earthquake destroyed it. The present Beale Library opened in 1988.

In 1904, Truxtun Beale presented the Beale Clock Tower as a gift to Bakersfield in memory of his mother. The 64-foot tower stood at the intersection of Chester and 17th Street until the 1952 earthquake toppled it as well. The tower later was moved to its current location at the Kern County Museum in Bakersfield.

In 1939, Tejon Ranch donated the site where Fort Tejon stood to the State of California. The Fort Tejon State Historical Park was established, and remains a site of great historical interest to tourists, historians and local school children.

More recently, Tejon Ranch donated 500 acres of land in the beautiful White Wolf section of its property for the building of a new national veterans’ cemetery.  The Bakersfield National Cemetery is “a place of honor for those who served with honor.”

Carrying on the Proud Traditions 
Today, the Ranch continues to uphold the proud traditions started by the early leaders of the Ranch with a commitment to wide-ranging programs that benefit the community.

Tejon Ranch is one of the title sponsors of a major new exhibit at the Autry National Center of the American West–  Empire and Liberty: The Civil War and the West.

The Ranch has long been a major supporter of California State University, Bakersfield and the Tejon Ranch Plaza at CSUB acknowledges the contribution to the expansion of the School of Business and Public Administration and related business and leadership facilities.

At the Bakersfield Museum of Art, the Tejon Ranch Sculpture Garden recognizes the Ranch’s support of the museum’s expansion. The garden provides a setting for the museum’s permanent collection as well as rotating exhibits of visiting artists.

The lobby of the new Houchin Community Blood Bank in southwest Bakersfield features a huge mural of Tejon Ranch, providing an inviting welcome to the public while honoring the Ranch’s significant contribution to the building of the new state-of-the-art facility.

Through contributions large and small, Tejon Ranch has touched the lives of many of its neighbors through its support of hundreds of local organizations and causes. Ranch employees also give generously of their time, volunteering to serve on boards of non-profit organizations, raising money for those in need, and helping with community events.

Organizations Supported by Tejon Ranch

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If you’d like to request support from Tejon Ranch for your organization or event, please send it to:

Barry Zoeller, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications & Investor Relations

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