Corporate Values


Tejon Ranch Company holds to the highest corporate standards in all of its operations, with quality, environmental stewardship, and visionary innovation being core values of the company.


Inspired by the natural beauty of Tejon Ranch’s remarkable landscape, we aspire to achieve nothing less than the highest quality in all that we do.  Just as our land is a step above the ordinary, we seek to ensure that all we do and everything we produce meets that same measure of excellence.  You’ll discover it in our Real Estate operations, both present and planned.  It’s evident in our ranching, farming, and hunting programs. It’s clear in the way we care for the land and how we preserve the legacy of this historic ranch.


At Tejon Ranch, stewardship is not an operating strategy, but an ethic that factors into every equation when evaluating the true value of the land.  For 175 years, we have cared for the land and cared for California, driven by this question: What would benefit the inhabitants of this region most? What would enhance their quality of life, not just in coming decades, but in centuries beyond? What would ensure the sustainability of the landscape, yet still address the demands of a growing population?  That ethic was evident when stagecoach lines became interstate highways, and today through the use of reclaimed water, solar energy and other efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and impact on the environment. For example, by voluntarily conserving 246,000 acres of land covered by trees and other vegetation, we sequester 3.3 million tons of carbon.  That equates to the volume of carbon produced in a single year by 2.5 million vehicles (ten percent of California’s entire passenger vehicle fleet).


Yet, stewardship to Tejon Ranch, is not just about the land; it is about serving as stewards of both California’s incomparable heritage and its bountiful future.Ranch leaders have a history of being visionaries and instinctively understanding the role Tejon Ranch would play in the future of California. That history begins with the Ranch’s founder, General Edward Fitzgerald Beale. For the first century of its existence, Tejon Ranch was all about the taming of the far western frontier.  Its formation under Mexican land grants in 1843 was intended to keep Alta California under Mexican rule by protecting the vital corridor between the Southern California coast and the fertile Central Valley. Beale, who surveyed the wagon road and then the transcontinental railroad route to the West, knew full well the geographic importance of the territory as he consolidated four adjacent ranchos to create the core of the present-day Tejon Ranch. As California’s first superintendent of Indian affairs, Beale also helped charter a new, humanitarian policy toward Native Americans in the 1850s. The Ranch’s strategic location was also what drew the Chandler-Sherman investment syndicate to the property in 1912. The visionary spirit continued through the remainder of 20th century as Ranch officials paved the way for construction of the Ridge Route (later Interstate 5) and the California Aqueduct through Ranch lands.  Interestingly, the successive owners looked upon Tejon Ranch primarily as a land holding that would realize its full potential sometime in the future.  Today, Ranch leaders continue to have a long-range vision for the use of the land, a vision of preserving and protecting the character and legacy of Tejon Ranch while also creating high-quality environmentally sensitive communities for people to live, work and play. In 2009, that vision was honored with California’s most prestigious environmental recognition, the Governor’s Environmental and Economic Leadership Award.