Our Communities

Tejon Ranch Company is committed to responsibly using its land and resources to meet the housing, employment and lifestyle needs of current and future generations of Californians, while being guided by the Ranch’s historic core values of conservation and good stewardship.

That commitment includes the environmentally sensitive development of a small portion of the Ranch.

Tejon Ranch’s real estate development projects include:

Mountain Village at Tejon Ranch

It’s a hidden treasure. One of the largest stretches of private land in California, today, Tejon Ranch remains essentially unchanged since its formation under a Mexican Land Grant back in 1843. The vast majority of its terrain is protected ranch land and wildlife habitat with the surety of staying wild. When you are here, taking it all in…the hills and valley stretching to the horizon, the centuries–old oaks, the crisp mountain air, the silence…you may find it hard to believe that you’re just an hour from Los Angeles. It’s a rare haven from modern existence…an escape. And one you’ll soon be able to enjoy. We’re dedicating one of the most beautiful parts of the ranch to Mountain Village at Tejon Ranch, a new conservation-based retreat designed to live in harmony with nature, and continue the legacy of this storied place for future generations.

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logo_grapevineGrapevine at Tejon Ranch

Located at the base of the foothills in the San Joaquin Valley portion of the ranch, adjacent to the Tejon Ranch Commerce Center, the master planned community of Grapevine is envisioned as a community of close-knit neighborhoods, uniquely positioned as a magnet for those who want to live with unbridled access to Tejon Ranch, as well as a complete, connected community whose lifestyle is aligned to the interests and values of the region’s rich agricultural heritage.

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A master planned sustainable new town in Los Angeles County, located just north and east of State Route 138 and Interstate 5. Centennial embraces Smart Growth principles and green building techniques. Built around neighborhood “village centers,” Centennial will offer all types of housing and prices. Centennial is designed to be a sustainable community – a community that conserves water and energy, maximizes open space, de-emphasizes the automobile, and encourages walking and biking with extensive parks, greenbelts and hiking trails. Centennial will also include significant commercial development including shopping, office and business park to provide a balance of jobs and keep people working in their own community.

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