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At nearly 270,000 acres, the historic Tejon Ranch is the largest contiguous expanse of private land in California. Its 422 square miles make it about as large as the City of Los Angeles and about 40% the size of Rhode Island. The property is located along Interstate 5, approximately 60 miles north of Los Angeles and 30 miles south of Bakersfield.

Tejon Ranch was founded in 1843 as a Mexican land grant. In the decades that followed, the Ranch grew in size as additional land grants were purchased by Tejon’s founder, General Edward Fitzgerald Beale, a historic figure in early California. Today, the 270,000-acre Ranch is the principal asset of Tejon Ranch Company, which was incorporated in 1936. The company’s stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol TRC.

Tejon Ranch is focused on carrying out its long-term vision of conservation, continued ranching and farming, and the creation of high-quality, environmentally sensitive communities on a small portion of its land. In May 2008, Tejon Ranch reached agreement with five of the nation’s largest and most respected environmental resource organizations on a comprehensive ranch-wide conservation and land use plan. The agreement with Audubon California, Endangered Habitats League, Natural Resources Defense Council, California’s Planning and Conservation League, and the Sierra Club, calls for the permanent conservation of up to 90% of the Ranch. It also establishes and provides the mechanism for funding the independent non-profit Tejon Ranch Conservancy that is working with Tejon Ranch Company to manage the conserved lands.

As part of the Agreement, the environmental organizations have also agreed not to challenge the Ranch’s real estate efforts on the remaining ten percent of its property, which are focused on three separate master-planned communities: the Tejon Ranch Commerce Center, a 1,450-acre commercial/industrial center located at the junction of Interstate 5 and Highway 99; Centennial, a new town that is designed to served as a model of sustainable development for 21st century California; and Tejon Mountain Village, a world-class mountain resort community.

In addition to its ranching, farming and real estate activities, the Ranch also has hunting, mining and oil production operations. The diverse topography of Tejon also makes it a favorite location for the filming of movies, television programs and commercials.

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